Knitted Butterfly
Knitted Bunting
Knitted Little Flamingo
Knitted Primrose
Knitted Daffodil Picture
Knitted Thistle
Quick Knitted Butterfly
Knitted Bows
Knitted Unicorn
Knitted Rainbow
Knitted Cherry Bakewell
Knitted Daisy
Knitted Four-leaf Clover
Knitted Shamrock
Knitted Fuchsia Tea Cosy
Knitted Ice Creams
Birthday Knitted Cupcake
Knitted Daffodil
Knitted Eggs
Easter Knitted Basket
Knitted Pincake
Knitted Flamingo
Fitted Knitted Pencil Pot Cover
Knitted Name Plaques
Knitted Caterpillar
Love Hearts Knitted Face
Knitted Fuchsia
Plain Knitted Cupcake
Knitted Rocket in Space
Ellie's Knitted Monster
Knitted Bat
Knitted Spider
Halloween Knitted Pumpkins
Caitlin's Knitted Monster - Spike
Knitted Devil Horns
Knitted Spots
Knitted Pudsey Bear
Traditional Knitted Poppy
Wavy Edge Knitted Poppy
Floppy Knitted Poppy
Knitted Red Nose
Knitted Angel
Medium Knitted Christmas Tree
Knitted Elf
Knitted Snowman
Knitted Reindeer
Knitted Santa Head
Little Knitted Christmas Tree
Knitted Reindeer

Perfect quick little knitting projects!

Whether you're just starting to learn or a seasoned pro looking for inspiration, this site will help pick a nice quick and easy knitting pattern. These are also unique, as I've made them all up as I've gone along.

As a mum to three little monkeys, I think the patterns I've created are great for children and for busy mums. I know that knitting can be a time-consuming hobby and I know too well that it can lie neglected under my side of the bed and before I know it a year has passed and I'm thinking, "I still haven't finished that birthday present". (Sorry Shell!) But I've also found some perfect ways of fitting something in.

Fitting in knitting family children handmade gift
My three little Monkeys!
Handmade Knitting under Creation Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas

After years of making things up as I go along, I only managed to get this website up and running in February 2018. And so there are a few little things on this site to get you on your way, but many are 'under creation'. I'm looking forward to popping up new patterns, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, if there is anything you'd like to see up sooner or if you have any suggestions or comments then please feel free to contact me. It's great to share ideas and will help others to come up with some new and interesting designs too.

Great Children's Activity!

Encourage little knitters, and allow them to be inspired by the joys of knitting things for themselves and others. And hope that you're the one to get that special keepsake!

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Fitting in some Knitting

There's no time for anything, with work, kids and household jobs, but here are some great ways to squeeze knitting in and make that special homemade gift in no time at all.

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Benefits of Knitting

"Don't just think about the destination, enjoy the journey." Read more on how knitting itself is great in a lot of ways.

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The Disclaimer Bit...!

Timings are approximate and so don't hold me to it. Children are constantly interrupting me, and it's easy to speed up or slow down depending on how happy/cross I am.

The sizes I have written are also approximate and so I will not be held responsible for time spent on creating these patterns or materials used should yours not quite look right. Everyone's yarn and tension will be different. I am not loyal to any particular brand of yarn - it's whatever I find in my basket from over the years.

Use these patterns as you so wish for personal use only, both for ideas or using the patterns to make your own. However, your own work is at your own risk. I am not taking responsibility for any personal, child, or other person needle injury or such-like. If using any of these patterns for ideas to make and/or give as a gift for a child, please choose appropriately for the child's age and ensure your sewing, particularly of buttons, is top-notch to avoid any choking hazards.

Get the Latest Updates!

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

Ahoy there!