Handmade Knitted Bunting Fitting-in-Knitting

How to Knit Bunting

What you will need...

Total time  1 Hour 10 Minutes per triangle

4mm knitting needles (UK 8, US 6)

Chunky Double knitting yarn - various colours

Sewing up needle


Ribbon for stringing along

Before You Start...


K = Knit   St = Stitch   Sts = Stitches

K2tog = Knit two stitches together at the same time (thereby halving your stitches).

G-st = Garter stitch. Every row knit (no purl stitches)

Cast On - I use the thumb method

Sl2tog - Slip two stitches together from the left needle to the right

p2sso - pass two slipped stitches over (over the knitted stitch)



To prevent losing track of which row you are working on and counting your rows all over again, mark every 15 rows so that you don't need to count them all.

Make a note of your three times table! This will help you count your rows to work out which row you are supposed to be working on, according to the pattern.

Using the same brand of 'chunky' wool for each triangle will make your individual pieces exactly the same size, otherwise there will be some variation. Or as I've done - use up some old different ones you've got and call it character!

How to Make it...

A string of individual knitted triangles of different colours.

Basic Piece

Make 6

Time - 1 hour 10 Minutes Each

Size - Width 12.5cm, height 19 cm (approx.)

Needles 4mm

Yarn Colour of your Choice

Handmade Knitted Bunting Edge Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Cast on 24sts

Next row K

Form eyelets

K3, (K2tog,yrn, K3) 4 times, K1

Next row K

Handmade Knitted Bunting Triangle Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Begin Shaping

Next Row *K1, K2tog, K to end

G-st 2 rows**

Continue from * to ** until 3sts remain

G-st 2 further rows to complete the repeating pattern

Next row sl2tog, K1, p2sso and fasten off.

Handmade Knitted Bunting Triangles Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Piece it Altogether

Fasten off loose ends of each triangle.

Thread through a piece of ribbon/cord/yarn through the eyelets to attach each triangle together in line.

Tie knots or bows at the ends and string across your desired doorway or room!

Handmade Knitted Bunting Fitting-in-Knitting

Make it Different!

Try different repeating patterns and colour schemes, and add extra triangles for a longer length (maybe an extra one for each birthday!)

Try different ribbon, cord or  yarn to string them along.

Perhaps add in a bow or a bead between each triangle for a twist on tradition.

Embroider a letter onto each triangle if you wish to spell out a name or an occasion.

Behind the Scenes!

These patterns are all made up as I go along, learning from mistakes along the way. Every time I create a new pattern, I record it in the Updates part of this site (effectively my blog…)  There is a story behind each creation, and this can help give you some more ideas and inspiration.

All done?

Feel free to share your successes or any other tips or suggestions by emailing me. If it's all gone swimmingly and you're ready for you next challenge, have a look at what to try next!

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