Add a finishing touch to an old purse, make a fun knitted hair accessory or give an old toy a makeover. This page has a few patterns for knitted accessories.


A couple of small knitted bows for those pigtail plaits, or a larger one for a ponytail or headband. This bow knitting pattern helps with gift ideas - pick a favourite colour, choose your size, and maybe try garter or stocking stitch to get a variety of different styles.

40 minutes Each Bow

How to Knit a Bow!


Add a bit of springtime cheer! This knitted daisy pattern can be sewn onto a hairband or headband to make a cute little hair accessory. Alternatively add a finishing touch to an old purse or give a toy a makeover.

1 Hour

How to Knit a Daisy!


These little emojis can be decoratively tied to form a purse or bag charm, or sewn onto a hairband or headband to make a fun knitted hair accessory. A finger knitted hook or two lengths to form a bow can allow them to accessorise anything. With several emoji knitting patterns to choose from!

2 Hours 30 minutes (Each)

How to Knit an Emoji!

Play Baskets

Something to store your knitted Easter eggs, but these can be used long after Easter for all sorts of bits and bobs, including conkers, collector cards or seashells... See this basket knitting pattern, and add it to your knitted eggs too!

3 Hours 30 minutes

How to Knit a Basket!

Red Nose People

Raising money to support vulnerable people and communities in the UK and abroad, wearing a red nose helps spread the word for the Comic Relief Charity. These little knitted red nose people are a great alternative to plastic, and can be made in any colour to make an all year-round accessory.

2 Hours 20 Minutes Each

How to Knit a Red Nose!

Little Bears

This little Pudsey Bear knitting pattern can be used to make other little bears. The perfect size to add to a hairband, or use in several different ways as an accessory, making it a nice little handmade gift idea.

1 Hour 25 Minutes Each

How to Knit a Bear!

The Poppy

Inspired by The Poppy Appeal 2018, I have popped up a few patterns for a poppy with a bit of a difference. Wear for remembrance day or use as an accessory.

1 Hour (as shown)

How to Knit a Poppy!


Fuchsias are one of the most beautiful and intricate of flowers but when broken down into its constituent parts, even the biggest challenge can be completed so simply. These make beautiful decorative knitted fuchsias for curtain tiebacks, windows or doors, as well as being great on a knitted tea cosy!

1 Hour 50 minutes (as shown)

How to Knit a Fuchsia!

Next Steps...

Sorry these aren't ready yet, but if you fancy having a go at something else in the meantime, feel free to take a look at what's here... Or email me if you fancy getting updates!

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

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