Not much work going on but plenty to play around with! Here are quick links to some knitting patterns children will love to get their hands on.

Knitted Elf!

This mischievous knitted elf can help add a bit of joy and spirit in the run up to Christmas... Let the trouble begin!

3 Hours 45 minutes Each Knitted Elf (approx.)

How to Knit an Elf!

Knitted Monsters!

Well, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but using a basic monster knitting pattern and a little extra imagination for detail on top, you can make your perfect little knitted monster!

2 Hours 30 minutes Each Knitted Monster (approx.)

How to Knit a Monster!

Knitted Flamingo

Flamingos are popular with every little girl I know at the moment, and there appears to be a flamingo on most things from bed covers to wallpaper. And so with a knitted flamingo to accompany the knitted unicorn and knitted rainbow, I think any little girls’ bedroom collection will now be complete.

6 Hour 40 minutes Each Knitted Flamingo (as shown)

How to Knit a Flamingo!

Knitted Unicorn

A unicorn knitting pattern to make a knitted unicorn, with added ideas to make it perfect for your little one. Minus a horn, it also makes a great knitted pony. A perfect handmade playmate, or a wonderful decorative side piece.

6 Hour 35 minutes Each Knitted Unicorn

How to Knit a Unicorn!

Space Scene Knitted Picture

This space scene picture knitting pattern was made to welcome to the world my new nephew. A nice little keepsake that can also be used to help children with learning colours, geometric shapes, and also counting stars.

5 Hours 15 minutes Each Knitted Picture (as shown)

How to Knit a Space Scene Picture!

Knitted Caterpillar Cuddles

This caterpillar knitting pattern can help you to make the perfect personalised knitted gift. This is a lovely knitted toy for a child to cuddle, or make one super-long version for a happy draught excluder!

5 Hours 15 minutes Each Knitted Caterpillar

How to Knit a Caterpillar!

The 'Cheery' Knitted Bakewell!

A nice addition for a children’s kitchen playset, but for children and adults alike, there's nothing like good old tea and cake! A knitted little cherry bakewell could make a nice little decorative gift - perhaps alongside a knitted tea cosy!

2 Hours Each Knitted Bakewell

How to Knit a Cherry Bakewell!

Knitted Cosy Cuppa!

All this knitting wouldn't be the same without the perfect cuppa on the table beside you. So make a nice matching tea cosy to co-ordinate with your kitchen. Add a knitted fuchsia or two on the top or another little accessory for that finishing touch.

6 Hours 30 minutes Each Knitted Cosy

How to Knit a Tea Cosy!

Knitted Faces - Emoji-Style

Cute little pocket-sized toys, or use as a warning when hung on the door handle for any approaching visitor (great for teenagers!) These can be decoratively tied onto a door, or even added to a purse or hair charm. Several emoji-style faces knitting patterns to choose from!

2 Hours 30 minutes Each Knitted Face (approx.)

How to Knit an Emoji!

Knitted Bunting

Happy Birthday! Part of any typical British party, add a special touch to your garden or doorway for a birthday, garden party or other celebration, with this bunting knitting pattern.

1 Hour 10 minutes Each Knitted Bunting Triangle

How to Knit Bunting!

Knitted Play Baskets

Something to store your Easter eggs, but these can be used long after Easter for all sorts of bits and bobs, including conkers, collector cards or seashells... See this basket knitting pattern, and add it to your knitted eggs too!

3 Hours 30 minutes Each Knitted Basket

How to Knit a Basket!

Wondering where you can fit in the time?

Often it's about making time, and if you really want to do it there is always a way. However, even with work, household jobs and children's busy schedules, here's how you can squeeze in that half an hour. (Opens in new tab...)

Here is some more encouragement!

"Don't just think about the destination, enjoy the journey." Read more on how knitting itself is great in a lot of ways. (Opens in new tab...)

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

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