Knitted Name Plaque

Handmade Knitted Door Plaque Hanging Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

How to Knit a Name Plaque

Complete Size - 18cm width x 8cm height (excluding handle)

What you will need...

Total time - 2 Hours 30 Minutes (basic knitted plaque - plus extra time for any added detailing)

4mm knitting needles (UK 8, US 6)

Double knitting yarn - Choice of Colours

Sewing up needle


Thick Cardboard or slim hard board for inner Structure

Handmade Knitted Name Plaque Jonas Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Before You Start...


K = Knit  P = Purl  St = Stitch   Sts = Stitches

Cast On - I use the thumb method.

K2tog = Knit two stitches together at the same time (thereby halving your stitches).

Inc = Increase – by knitting into the front and the back of the same stitch, to make two stitches out of one.

St-st = Stocking stitch. Alternating a row of knit stitches (right side), with a row of purl stitches (wrong side).



Choose your yarn - this pattern may look thicker and tighter if using smaller needles, e.g 3.25mm when using regular yarn. However, the finished product will therefore also be smaller in size - increase the number of rows or cast-on stitches to adjust for this.

When fastening off any loose ends of any embroidery or knitted detailing, try not to leave any long ends, especially if they are of darker colour yarn, as this may show through the front surface.

Make sure it is not accessible to a baby due to the choking or strangulation risk.

How to Make it...

Two main pieces oversewn together separated by a thick cardboard to provide stability. With added knitted flower and knitted heart detailing, and backstitch lettering.

Main Piece

Make 2

Time 1 Hour Each Piece

Size - Width 18cm, height 8cm

Needles 4mm

Yarn Colour of Your Choice

Handmade Knitted Name Plaque Main Piece Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Cast on 40 sts

Beginning with a P row, st-st 2 rows (forms border)

Beginning with a K row, continue in st-st a further 19 rows

Beginning with a K row, st-st 2 further rows (top border)

Cast off

Add a Flower

Make 5 Petals

Cast on 2sts

Next row Inc Kwise into both sts (4sts)

Beginning with a P row st-st 3 rows

Next row K2tog twice (2sts)

P 1 row

Next row K2tog & fasten off.

Handmade Small Knitted Flower Detail Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Add a Heart or Two

Cast on 4sts

Next row Inc K wise, K2, Inc Kwise (6sts)

P 1 row

Next row K2tog, K2, K2tog (4sts)

P 1 row

Next row K2tog twice (2sts)

P 1 row

Next row K2tog & fasten off

Handmade Knitted Emoji Heart Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas


Some people may have their own technique, but I simply used back-stitch to sew the name onto the main piece.

I used chunky wool for the embroidery, so that it may stand out more clearly.

Count numbers of stitches and rows to pin out the size and position of your letters.

Fasten off all loose ends to the rear of your main piece, leaving yarn ends short so that they are less visible from the front.

Ensure that if any pins are used, that they are removed when complete.


Handmade Knitted Name Plaque Stitching Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Piece it Together...

Ensure all lettering and any extra knitted detailing are sewn onto the main front piece.

Sew on both ends of the finger-knitted handle onto the inside of the front main piece, about 1cm from the top for added strength. Adjust the length of the handle according to your preference.

Oversew row ends, and the cast-on and cast-off stitches of the two main pieces, over the cardboard support. Fasten off loose ends.

Handmade Knitted Name Plaque Sewing Together Fitting in Knitting Children Quick Craft Ideas

Make it Different!

Try a different pattern such as stripes, working two rows each of individual colours.

Embroidered lettering may be a name but may also be a room or occasion e.g home, pantry, loo etc, or even tea/coffee on each side! I thought I might do an orange/green version with 'Boo!' for halloween...

 You could use chunky wool to make the main pieces - you would need to do fewer cast on stitches and reduce the number of rows to keep a similar size but this would get done so much quicker.

Garter stitch is an alternative to stocking stitch, and would also allow the plaque to keep its shape better and stay flat.

Knitted Name Plaques
Jonas Name Plaque
Gifted in Tissue Paper with Sticker in a Decorative Box

Behind the Scenes!

These patterns are all made up as I go along, learning from mistakes along the way. Every time I create a new pattern, I record it in the Updates part of this site (effectively my blog…)  There is a story behind each creation, and this can help give you some more ideas and inspiration.

All done?

Feel free to share your successes or any other tips or suggestions by emailing me. If it's all gone swimmingly and you're ready for you next challenge, have a look at what to try next!

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