Knitted Daffodil Picture

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Hessian Fitting-in-Knitting

How to Knit a Daffodil Picture

Daffodil only Size – 10cm width x 10cm height

Box frame aperture size/hessian size as shown – 15cm x 15cm

What you will need…

Total knitting time – 1 Hour 10 Minutes Each Knitted Daffodil (approx.)

Total Sewing/Making up Time in Box frame – 40 Minutes

3.25mm knitting needles (UK 10, US 3)

Double knitting yarn – light and medium yellow

Sewing up needle


Box frame/material such as hessian to sew your daffodil to (as per preference)

No toy filling/stuffing is required – this a 2D/flat Knitted Daffodil

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Picture Fitting-in-Knitting

Before You Start…


K = Knit   P = Purl   St = Stitch   Sts = Stitches

Cast On – I use the thumb method.

St-st = stocking stitch. Alternating a row of knit stitches (right side), with a row of purl stitches (wrong side).

K2tog = Decrease by knitting two stitches together, making one stitch from two.

P2tog = Decrease by purling two stitches together, making one stitch from two.

Inc = Increase – by knitting into the front and the back of the same stitch, to make two stitches out of one.

Sl2tog – Slip two stitches together from the left needle to the right.

p2sso – pass two slipped stitches over (over the knitted stitch).

Yrn = ‘Yarn Over’ – Loop the yarn around the end of your needle (under and over) to create a new stitch.

Cast off – K wise or P wise according to pattern. US – bind off.

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Top Fitting-in-Knitting


This is a flat (2D) knitted daffodil, which may be made to sew onto various items such as a blanket, cushion, or bag. Have a think about your finished design and adjust this pattern to your preference – add extra flowers for a larger picture, finger-knit a stem, or add some long thin knitted leaves.

This knitting pattern for a daffodil, the national flower of Wales, was formed to match the knitted thistle, the national flower of Scotland, and the knitted shamrock, the national flower of Northern Ireland, to help form part of the United Kingdom collection of flowers for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022. Have a go at the collection!

Handmade Knitted Picture Framed Fitting-in-Knitting

How to Make it…

Made from six knitted petal pieces, and one knitted flower centre piece. All pieces are sewn together, on top of your desired surface. In this case hessian, to form a picture for within a box frame.

Knitted Petal Piece

Handmade Daffodil Petal Fitting-in-Knitting

Make 6 for each Knitted Daffodil

Time – 7 Minutes each Piece

Piece Size – 3 cm (width) x 5 cm (height)

Needles 3.25 mm

Yarn Light yellow

Beginning at the centre end of the petal, cast on 4sts

Inc Kwise into every stitch (8sts)

Beginning with a P row, st-st 8 rows

Continue to work in st-st a further 5 rows, decreasing 1 stitch at the start of every row (by P2tog or K2tog as required depending whether P or K row respectively), until 3sts remain (3sts) 

Sl2tog, K1, p2sso and fasten off

Daffodil Centre Piece

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Trumpet Piece Fitting-in-Knitting

Make 1 for each Knitted Daffodil

Time – 20 Minutes each piece

Piece Size  4cm width x 4cm height

Needles 3.25 mm

Yarn Medium Yellow

Beginning at the base of the trumpet, cast on 2sts

Inc Kwise into both sts (4sts)

Next row P

Next row Inc Kwise into every st (8sts)

Next row P

Inc Kwise into every st (16sts)

Next row P

Next row (K2, inc Kwise) Five times, K1 (21sts)

Next row P

Next row K2, (Yrn, K2tog) 9 times, K1 (21sts)

Next row P

K1, (K2tog, K2) 5 times (16sts)

Next row P

Next row K2tog to end (8sts)

Next row P

K2tog to end (4sts)

Next row P

Cast off

Piece it Together…

Sewing-up time – Variable depending on design, approximately 40 minutes.

I have sewn my knitted pieces onto some hessian. This hessian was cut to a few cm larger than the backboard of a box frame so that it could be displayed. See Make it Different below for further ideas on how your design can vary. 

Handmade Knitted Thistle Pictureboard Fitting-in-Knitting
Hessian cut larger than frame size to fold over edges

Making up the Daffodil With the right side of st-st facing, begin to pin the knitted pieces to your desired surface. Place the six knitted petals evenly around a central point. Leaving a small gap between them will allow later placement of the central trumpet. However, be aware that if the gap is too large, this will be seen from the side view (my error on my attempt number one!) I also found placing two petals opposite one another helped with placement, with three groups of two.

Placing petals in groups of two

Once happy with pinned positioning, proceed to sew each individual piece at the edges to fix into place. 

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Petal Pieces Sewing-Up Fitting-in-Knitting
Sewing Petals into Place
Handmade Knitted Daffodil Petal-Pieces Complete Fitting-in-Knitting
Completed Sewing of Petal Pieces
Handmade Knitted Daffodil-Petal-Pieces Rear Fitting-in-Knitting
Petals Sewn on all sides

Begin to sew up the trumpet centre piece by gathering up cast on stitches and sewing across row ends towards the cast-off edge.

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Trumpet-Piece Sewing Fitting-in-Knitting
Sewing up Trumpet
Handmade Knitted Daffodil Trumpet Piece Sewn Fitting-in-Knitting
Sewn Trumpet

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Trumpet Sewn Fitting-in-Knitting

When at the cast-off edge, pull and sew this tip to the centre of the trumpet, turning it in on itself to form the trumpet flower shape, as shown above. Place this completed sewn daffodil centre piece within this central opening of your sewn petals, and sew into place. Ensure all pins are removed when complete. I have fixed my completed daffodil hessian picture onto the backboard of a box frame (aperture size 15cm x 15cm), using double-sided tape. You could leave it like this, or place it within the frame itself. Depending on the depth of your box frame, your daffodil trumpet may end up a little squished – in which case consider removing the glass (and prepare for a little dusting now and again!) 

Handmade Knitted Thistle Pictureboard Fitting-in-Knitting
Double-sided tape on rear of box frame to fix hessian
Handmade Knitted Thistle Fitting-in-Knitting
Knitted Daffodil Picture Backboard

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Hessian Fitting-in-Knitting

Make it Different…

These knitted daffodils can be made to decorate a multitude of items to give them a colourful spring touch. Try sewing one onto a cushion cover, blanket, or bag, or perhaps a few things to make a matching set. You could even pop one on a t-shirt or jumper, for a quick homemade St David’s day outfit, celebrated on the 1st March every year, or show your support for Marie Curie, the charity for care and support through terminal illness. 

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Picture Fitting-in-Knitting
Box Frame with Glass

Have a think about knitting a collection of knitted flowers to help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022. The website also has patterns for other knitted national flowers of the United Kingdom – Take a look at my older Knitted Daffodil, slightly larger if you fancy something a little different or 3D, the Knitted Shamrock, the National flower of Northern Ireland, and the Knitted Thistle, the National flower of Scotland. Try sewing your knitted flowers to some larger bunting (add some extra rows to the knitted bunting on this website), or sewing the pieces onto flags. Putting them in separate little box frames, would also make the perfect handmade Jubilee wall decoration should those garden or street parties be rained off! I still need to get working on a rose for England – watch this space!

Handmade Knitted Pictures Fitting-in-Knitting

These knitted daffodils may be combined with other knitted flowers, such as the knitted daisy, knitted thistle, knitted poppy and knitted fuchsia, to make a nice larger knitted picture, similar to the space scene knitted picture I made for my nephew. You could even follow a more natural design with longer stems and added leaves, or try alternative colouring to represent a particular variety.

Handmade Knitted Flower Pictures Fitting in Knitting

Behind the Scenes!

These patterns are all made up as I go along, learning from mistakes along the way. Every time I create a new pattern, I record it in the Updates part of this site (effectively my blog…)  There is a story behind each creation, and this can help give you some more ideas and encouragement. See the Update info….

Handmade Knitted Daffodil Hessian Fitting-in-Knitting

All done?

Feel free to share your successes or any other tips or suggestions by contacting me. If it’s all gone swimmingly and you’re ready for your next challenge, have a look at what to try next! My next pattern!