If there isn't enough time, it's often helpful to sit back to think why. If it's something you're really passionate about, there is always a way.

Often, it's simply about priorities.

So if there's something you fancy making or if you need to make something last minute for someone else, you can fit in some knitting. Be efficient with your time, and reduce faffing. Multitasking is a great way to free up some time later on...

Knitted Caterpillar
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Playing with Clouds
Knitted Monsters

Fitting Around Children

Make it Sociable

If you can't beat them join them! Well, if they won't let you get on with it, encourage them to join in too. Older children will love the independence and making something special. And if they're not interested, I've found just asking them to have a go (as with asking them to do any job) suddenly manages to keep them at bay (they're very busy, you know) so you can crack on for a bit longer. Brilliant!

Coffee & cake with a friend.

It's easy to carry on knitting and still have a good old moan about something at the same time. And if they don't knit, pass on the skills too! Maybe even try knitting with a film or tele programme on in the background (just do a double check every now and again for those sneaky dropped stitches...)

Pickups and dropoffs

Goodness me these children have busy schedules! So whether it's brownies, beavers, dance or football, download a pattern to save flapping bits of paper and whip out that bag while waiting in the car. Just get a good portable bag (stop the little ones routing through and poking needles into each other at any opportunity.) And if you find it a little bit embarrassing or you feel a bit self-conscious out in public,  I also fit in a bit of knitting while my children are reading to me in the evenings, so you could always try and give that a go too.

Baby's nap time

Yes, there are probably 20 things you've scheduled in your mind for this time, but you deserve a break, tidying those toys away can wait. (Why do they insist on getting everything out at once??) Fit in some knitting with that cuppa.

Wind-down time

When the kiddies are all in bed and you finally get to put your feet up (hmm, fittinginknitting, I'm sure I can see gin in there somewhere too...just watch those dropped stitches again, cheers!)

Fitting Around Work

If you sit back and have a think about your daily routine, there are often little ways you can squeeze in even five minutes. How about on the train or as car passenger on the commute? Maybe your lunch break, if you (fingers crossed) don't have to work through it again.

Multitasking is a great way, perhaps knitting while on the phone, or while listening to that podcast, it's surprising how much you can get done. Using straightforward patterns, things can be made without actually having to think about it as you go along.

Often after a long day at work, digging that knitting bag out may be the last thing you want to do, but actually it may be a perfect way to de-stress. Knitting is great for a lot of things and wanting to do it helps make it one of your priorities. So try and find that time somewhere, or read more about the benefits of knitting to find some more encouragement!

Knitted Primrose
Knitted Fuchsia
Knitted Rocket in Space

Right... got that plan of action?

The patterns I've created on this site are specifically designed to allow us to get things done in minimal time. The satisfaction you feel when you've finally finished something and pleasure you see from gifting the end result may spur you on to keep trying other new ideas.

Keep up the good work!