Here are quick links to knitting patterns with inspiration from the wonders of nature - whether that's a floral theme, little creatures or the wonders of space.

Knitted Daffodil Picture

A quick daffodil knitting pattern to make a knitted picture for the wall or sideboard - pretty handmade gift or part of the Queen's Jubilee collection of knitted flowers!

1 Hour 50 minutes Each Knitted Daffodil Picture

How to Knit a Daffodil Picture!

Knitted Fuchsias

Fuchsias are one of the most beautiful and intricate of flowers but when broken down into its constituent parts, even the biggest challenge can be completed so simply. This fuchsia knitting pattern will help you make beautiful decorative pieces for curtain tiebacks, windows or doors, as well as being great on a tea cosy!

1 Hour 50 minutes Each Knitted Fuchsia (as shown)

How to Knit a Fuchsia!

Knitted Butterflies

Their cheerful dancing on the breeze can sometimes be used to represent many stages in life – Moving away, going off traveling, for those that leave us, or those new lives that enter this world. And therefore a knitted butterfly could make a great handmade gift for many different occasions.

3 Hours Each Knitted Butterfly

How to Knit a Butterfly!

Quick Knitted Butterfly

A quick butterfly knitting pattern - taking half as long as my other knitted butterfly so you can make twice as many.

1 Hour 30 minutes Each Knitted Butterfly

How to Knit a Quick Butterfly!

Knitted Thistle

A thistle knitting pattern to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022, or add a Scottish touch to your home. Sew these knitted pieces onto a blanket, or sew onto some hessian to show off in a box frame!

1 Hour 10 minutes Each Knitted Thistle (pieces only, as shown)

How to Knit a Thistle!

Knitted Four Leaf Clover

A four leaf clover is the perfect symbol of good luck. So if a friend is in need of a bit of luck, this is a perfect gift to help them on their way. My brother had some exams coming up, so I made him this to pop in his pocket.

Good luck!

1 Hour 40 minutes Each Knitted Clover (as shown)

How to Knit a Four Leaf Clover!

Knitted Eggs!

If your mind's scrambled trying to think of a quick gift to make, then have a go at these. Celebrate Easter or a nice gift for young children to help learn through play, with their colours or sorting. This egg pattern shows various designs and ideas - perfect little handmade Easter gifts.

1 Hour Each Knitted Egg

How to Knit an Egg!

Knitted Unicorn

A unicorn knitting pattern to make a knitted unicorn, with added ideas to make it perfect for your little one. Minus a horn, it also makes a great knitted pony. A perfect handmade playmate, or a wonderful decorative side piece.

6 Hour 35 minutes Each Knitted Unicorn

How to Knit a Unicorn!

Knitted Primrose

A nice primrose knitting pattern to make a decorative side piece for the house or conservatory (or cheer up my room at work!) With the added bonus of not needing to be watered...  Vary the colour according to your decor and pop in a nice plant pot.

6 Hour 30 minutes Each Knitted Primrose

How to Knit a Primrose!

Knitted Daisy

Add a bit of springtime cheer! This knitted daisy pattern can be used to cheer up a purse or cabinet, or even knitted for a handmade greetings card or hair accessory. Choose your own colour and add extra petals to make something just how you like it.

1 Hour Each Knitted Daisy

How to Knit a Daisy!

Knitted Rainbows

Rainbows often accompany unicorns in their magical kingdoms, and so as well as Ellie’s knitted unicorn, you can now knit a rainbow! The above soft toy version is a great learning tool for children, as well as helping to decorate a child's room. This rainbow knitting pattern gives ideas on how to make a knitted rainbow cushion, or help to form a picture for the wall.

2 Hours 40 minutes Each Knitted Rainbow (as shown)

How to Knit a Rainbow!

Knitted Flamingos

Flamingos are popular with every little girl I know at the moment, and there appears to be a flamingo on most things from bed covers to wallpaper. And so with a knitted flamingo to accompany the knitted unicorn and knitted rainbow, I think any little girls’ bedroom collection will now be complete.

6 Hours 40 minutes Each Knitted Flamingo

How to Knit a Flamingo!

Knitted Daffodil

A springtime favourite! I gave this to my mum for Mothers' Day, but it would be great for cheering someone up or showing your support for the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal March 2018. This daffodil pattern also has details of variations to halve the time taken than this one shown.

6 hours 30 minutes Each Knitted Daffodil

How to Knit a Daffodil!

Rodney Knitted Reindeer

This reindeer or stag stands independently, and would therefore go nicely on a mantelpiece or sideboard. Or even make a decorative table centrepiece!

6 Hour 30 minutes Each Knitted Reindeer (as shown)

How to Knit a Reindeer!

Knitted Caterpillar

This caterpillar knitting pattern can help you to make the perfect personalised knitted gift. This is a lovely knitted toy for a child to cuddle, or make one super-long version for a happy draught excluder!

5 Hours 15 minutes Each Knitted Caterpillar

How to Knit a Caterpillar!

Knitted Space Scene

This space scene picture knitting pattern was made to welcome to the world my new nephew. A nice little keepsake that can also be used to help children with learning colours, geometric shapes, and also counting stars.

5 Hours 15 minutes Each Knitted Picture (as shown)

How to Knit a Space Scene Picture!

Knitted Poppy

Inspired by The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, three unique patterns for a poppy with a bit of a difference. Wear for remembrance day or use as an accessory.

1 Hour Each Knitted Poppy (as shown)

How to Knit a Poppy!

Fangtastic Knitted Spider

Great activity for children! Get them to have a go at knitting a leg, or help design a spider face. A spooky spider for Halloween or stick to a happy smiley spider to dangle around the house!

1 Hour 40 minutes Each Knitted Spider

How to Knit a Spider!!

Fangtastic Knitted Bat!

Get children having a go knitting a wing, or get their help designing a bat face. Have a go at a scary knitted Halloween bat, or go for just a happy flappy bat to hang around the house!

1 Hour 40 minutes Each Knitted Bat

How to Knit a Bat!

Wondering where you can fit in the time?

Often it's about making time, and if you really want to do it there is always a way. However, even with work, household jobs and children's busy schedules, here's how you can squeeze in that half an hour. (Opens in new tab...)

Some Encouragement...

"Don't just think about the destination, enjoy the journey." Read more on how knitting itself is great in a lot of ways. (Opens in new tab...)

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

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