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Cake Glorious Cake!

After making a little birthday cupcake for my daughter who was three last weekend, I couldn't resist keeping up the cake theme with this adapted pattern. I've had lots of happy memories of trips to Bakewell, Derbyshire and bakewell tarts are one of my absolute favourite goodies, so I had to make one. I appreciate the one I've made is not of the traditional type, but more like the shop/Mr Kipling cherry bakewell variety - but still very yummy. At two hours to make each one, and with work and kiddies, I could only manage the creation of one cake, but combining with the cupcakes from last week, you can see there is a little collection commencing!

Bakewell Top View

Unfortunately, the specially-made knitted birthday cake that I put all that effort into last week has now been rejected, and this cherry bakewell has become a firm replacement. After telling me her favourite is pink, she now decides red is her favourite (no doubt because that's her big brother's favourite colour.) It'll be blue next week, or orange, or purple.

Bakewell Underside
Bakewell On the Side

Very nice, but what do I do with it?

I must admit I asked myself the same question. I'm thinking a decorative piece, popped on a sideboard or windowsill? Although I thought it would have been nice to do some lovely displays with a quaint little English teaset on a beautiful two-person garden furniture set, I unfortunately have none of these. Wouldn't look quite the same on our kiddy-battered furniture.

Failing that, give your beautiful freshly made cherry bakewell to a three-year old child who can throw it at your mother-in-laws dog, who coincidentally loves to chew soft toys. I was rather hoping that she would integrate it into her own play kitchen, but I clearly found out that she had other ideas.

Failing all this, make one as a gift, and let the other person wonder where to proudly display or hide it!

Bakewell in Organza Bag

Check back in a couple of weeks in the updates here to see new creations, or email me to get the updated patterns straight to you. After eating too much cake I'm going back outdoors to the flower theme for next time, with a different pattern for a couple more little flowers.

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

How to Knit A Cherry Bakewell

Total time 2 Hours

Made from one knitted piece of pastry, the icing top piece, and a small knitted piece for the cherry. All pieces are sewn together with a 4.5cm cardboard circle in the base to help support its shape.

Perfect unique handmade gift and keepsake!

Knit Your Own Cherry Bakewell...

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

Fuchsias in the Garden

In case you missed these!

The fuchsias are all popping up over the garden at the moment, and so I couldn't resist nipping out to take a picture. Very pleased with how the knitted fuchsias turned out a couple of months ago - I might add a few more to my collection!

Knitted Fuchsia

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