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Knitted Daisy Toy Accessory

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It does seem like I keep attacking my children's toys with my knitted creations, but they do actually like them, and I'm unfortunately now being inundated with special requests... Last week Ellie's bunny got a daisy and this week Charlie's bunny is sporting a bow.

It's lovely to be cheering up these well-loved toys, but these bows are also a nice added handmade touch to a new gift. I've done a pattern for both a smaller 5.5cm bow and a larger 9cm bow. So if you want to give a gift of something special with little time, you can buy a teddy (or such-like) and add a bow (or the daisy) in any favourite colour.

Bunny with Knitted Bow
Ellie in her Headband

As well as attacking the toys, my children have also been subjected to wearing them. I've attached the small bows to a couple of hairbands - perfect addition to the ends of a couple of pigtail plaits (beautifully demonstrated Caitlin - thanks!), and the large bow was just the right size to be attached to 2-year-old Ellie's headband. (Sorry, after numerous failed attempts, and ridiculous amounts of bribery that was best picture I could get...)

Knitted Bow Hairbands

Options for Accessories

I've updated the accessories section of the site to include these bows, and there are a couple of the other ideas on there too - just small things you can knit to help revamp something. These little bows, or the daisy from last week, (or even the knitted emojis from a few weeks back), are perfect small quick knitting projects. As well as hair accessories, they can be sewn onto a multitude of things such as purses or handbags, or put on greetings cards.

So if you're off out and about and need the perfect matching accessory to go with your dress or shoes, it won't take long to knock up one or two of these bows in whatever colour, or a matching flower (And it won't be long until the next children's party I'm sure...) If not, then a set to match school uniforms or Brownies/ Cubs/ Beavers outfits is an option.

Check back in the updates here next weekend or email me to get the updated patterns straight to you. I've been pottering in the garden again this week so next week there will be more flowers to add to your collection!

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

How to Knit A Bow

Total time 1 Hour 20 Minutes (Each Bow)

Made from a two knitted main pieces oversewn together.

Vary your bow colour, adjust the size to your preference and even add some stripes.

Perfect decorative piece or accessory.

Knit Your Own Bows...

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

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