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Wear a Pudsey Bear in Your Hair!

I didn't think I'd have time but then thought, I want to do it, so I will! So to help show my support for the BBC Children In Need Appeal, I managed to squeeze in time to knit a couple of little Pudsey Bears. Two-year old Ellie wore one to nursery yesterday (along with her pyjamas) and I'm pleased to say it survived the day. One of these took 1 hour and 25 Minutes so I also managed to make another one - so that 10 year-old Caitlin can wear one on each on her pigtail plaits for the big day, Friday 16th November 2018. These little bears may only be small but the meaning is there, and in two years time I may learn to be super-organised and make a bigger Pudsey, hopefully with more than one day to go before it starts...

Pudsey Survived Nursery
Knitted Pudsey Bear

Oh Bother...

So the original idea of knitting Christmas things before December was thankfully put off a little longer. However, if you don't fancy a Pudsey for Children In Need, this bear knitting pattern can also be used to make a plain and simple teddy bear.  Experiment with some different facial features, and maybe even turn him into a Winnie the Pooh! (Not knitting an eye patch will make it even quicker too!) These little bears are a quick and easy handmade gift idea, so if you fancy making some knitted Christmas presents, you could easily get started with plenty of time to spare.

Pudsey Bear Hairband
Pudsey Bear-Bands

Not Just Hairbands...

It does seem that I keep subjecting my children to numerous hair accessories but to be honest they do actually like wearing them! But as well being great for hairbands, these little bears can be made and used for other things. A finger-knitted loop sewn on to the top may allow him to hang up on a door or drawer (cheer up that desk), or tie nicely onto a handbag or purse. Alternatively, he could be sewn on to a keyring/keychain, or made into a little brooch by sewing a pinbadge on to the back.

Bear in Hair
Pudsey Bear-bands

Raise some Money!

If you make a Pudsey as part of the Children in Need 2018 Appeal, don't forget to put a donation in your local collection! And if you fancy a bigger challenge, try making as many as you can (with as many people as you can find!) to get a big knitathon going. As well as getting sponsorship, you could sell all of your Pudseys to raise as much money as you can for this fantastic cause.

Ellie & Pudsey

After having put a couple of patterns up in quick succession, my next project is going to take a little longer as I start on a fun Christmas gift idea! Contact me to get any new or updated patterns straight to you. Or keep an eye out on the updates section of this website to see the newest creations. Fitting In Knitting is also on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for some sneaky previews of projects as they evolve....

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

How to Knit A Pudsey Bear

Total time 1 Hour 25 Minutes each

Made from one knitted head piece, two knitted ear pieces, and a knitted eye patch. All pieces are sewn together with added stitching for the spots on the eye patch, and stitched-on facial features. Optional pin badge, hairband or finger-knitted loop to be sewn on your finished piece, to allow it to be used as an accessory.

Knit Your Own Little Pudsey...

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

Ahoy there!

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