Summer Ice Creams!

Handmade Knitted Ice Creams with Charlie Fitting-in-Knitting

Good enough to Eat!

Not quite so tasty but they certainly last much longer. This ice cream knitting pattern shows you a couple of styles and designs to help create a knitted ice cream for a summer gift. From a traditional style to a fancy waffle cone with trimmings. Sit them on the sideboard or support and encourage children to learn through play by incorporating a few into a kitchen or picnic playset. These are great for imaginative role play for children, especially playing shops or the ice cream van turning up. Just hoping that seeing them around won’t trigger that “ooh, ice cream” thought, followed by the secret trip to the freezer…

Handmade Knitted Ice Cream Toys Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Can’t wait to play!
Handmade Knitted Ice Cream with Charlie Fitting in Knitting

Favourite Flavours

Strawberry pink, creamy vanilla or minty green, you can vary your yarns to help make your perfect ice cream. This makes them great for gifting, especially for those who have their usual go-to flavour (salted caramel for me!) As well as choosing your cone, try some added sprinkles, a chocolate flake (maybe even a massive one like the ones below – amazing!) or a wafer. A trip to the ice cream shop is great for inspiration.

Handmade Knitted Ice Cream Flake Inspiration Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Handmade Knitted Ice Creams Pair Fitting in Knitting
Ice Cream Flavours

Creating Cones…

I can never seem to work out these patterns without a little trial and error. However, I think I’ve got the cone just about right after making it initially too large, then too small and also too skinny. The waffle cone was especially tricky as the decreasing stitches had to coincide with the K2, P2 stitch pattern, making sure it did not step out of sync. However, I think the time spent is well worth the unique style and nice texture. However, for a first go, the conventional cone style (stocking stitch) was certainly easier to make! To make things a little more different, you may also wish to adjust the pattern as you see fit. To make it taller, add some additional rows between the decreases, or wider, by amending the number of cast on stitches (and therefore additional decreases in line with it).

Handmade Knitted Ice Cream Waffle Cone Pieces Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Waffle Cone Piece
Handmade Knitted Ice Cream Wafer Sewing Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Sewing on the Toppings

Or fancy a Little Lolly?

Although I haven’t done a pattern yet, ice lollies may go perfectly with the ice creams to fill those ice cream holders. Whether it’s a fab or feast, knitting can keep that sweetness lasting a little longer. Many lollies follow a simple rectangular shape, so why not just have a go at making up your own pattern in the meantime. Anyway, beautiful weather – perfect day for an ice cream!

Handmade Knitted Ice Cream Inspiration Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Compulsory Research…
Handmade Knitted Ice Cream Fitting in Knitting
Strawberry Ice Cream

Contact me to get any new or updated patterns straight to you. Or keep an eye out on the updates section of this website to see the newest creations. Fitting In Knitting is also on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for some sneaky previews of projects as they evolve….

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

How to Knit an Ice Cream

Handmade Knitted Ice Creams Pair Fitting in Knitting
Ice Cream Flavours

Total time from 1 Hour 30 Minutes to 2 Hours 40 Minutes

Made from one knitted cone piece and one knitted ice cream piece. These are sewn together with added separate knitted pieces for a flake or wafer. Embroidered detailing may also be added for sprinkles and drips.

Handmade Knitted Ice Creams Cheers Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas

Handmade Gift Ideas!

Get some more ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own… More Knitted Gift Ideas!

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I’ll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go…

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