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Traditional Knitted Poppy
Traditional Knitted Poppy
Wavy Edge Knitted Poppy

The Remembrance Poppy

The Royal British Legion have launched The 2018 Poppy Appeal, and you can help them provide their lifelong support for serving men and women, veterans, and their families by wearing a poppy with pride.

There is the option of wearing the traditional paper kind, but based on past experience, these get lost or squished within a couple of days, or end up in the washing machine. So making your own knitted poppy is a nice, and thoughtful, alternative. I have seen so many people wearing knitted versions, which is fantastic, and I had to have a go at knitting my own. And although I'm putting this out there in my usual running-late last-minute style, one of these could be made in as little as one hour!

Traditional Paper Poppy

Different Varieties

I tried to knit a few different poppies to try out some alternative designs, but have only written out the patterns for a couple of them as I feel I need to tweak the others a little. So hopefully have those out by next year!

The ones I chose to write up are based on the small traditional paper version (quick and simple!), trying to keep to the same dimensions. I also added a very quick 'pretty' version, that is not only a bit different, but can also be used as an accessory all year-long.

Poppy Hairband
Wear Your Poppy with Pride

Raise some Money!

If you make a poppy as part of the The Poppy Appeal for The Royal British Legion, don't forget to put a donation in your local collection! And if you fancy a bigger challenge, try making as many as you can (with as many people as you can find!) to get a big knitathon going. As well as getting sponsorship, you could sell all of your poppies to raise as much money as you can for this fantastic cause. I'm going to get my 10 year-old up to scratch (whether she likes it or not!) to have a go at this next year. If you fancy a challenge but on a slightly smaller scale, a grandmother of one of the girls at school knitted a poppy for each child in their class!

Floppy Knitted Poppy
Wavy Edge Knitted Poppy

Contact me to get any new or updated patterns straight to you. Or keep an eye out on the updates section of this website to see the newest creations. Fitting In Knitting is also on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for some sneaky previews of projects as they evolve. Don't think I've got time for a knitted pudsey bear before next friday, but I think it might be about time to get started on some christmassy things...!

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

How to Knit A Poppy

Total time from 1 Hour (version as above)

Made from one or more knitted main pieces, a knitted centre piece, a knitted leaf, and a finger-knitted stem. All pieces are sewn together, with or without a pin badge or hairband sewn at the back.

Knit Your Own Poppy...

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

Ahoy there!

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