Getting all Emoji-nal!

I've been busy having a go at Emojis!

These little emojis are everywhere at the moment, not only in various messages, but also the movie and seen in the good-old kiddies favourite (shhh... McDonalds!) There were so many to choose from but I only had time for a few so I chose the ones that our family tend to use the most. To be honest I did get a bit carried away and did six, but I wanted to try out the different added little facial features, as well as have a little collection.

However, if you don't fancy knitting so many of them and maybe struggling to choose between the different faces, you could always do a different face on either side of the emoji and can then flip it over. (Perhaps reflecting how you're feeling that day - I'm thinking maybe I probably should have done the angry face one...could hang it up as a warning to my husband if he's in the doghouse again...)

WhatsApp, iPhone, Snapchat and such like all use slightly different emojis, and so you can always Google different types to see which one you would like to do. Mine are mainly based on WhatsApp as this is what I tend to use. However those lucky enough to have the new iPhone X, I've heard that you can make up your own emojis, and you can of course add your own artistic flair to these as you so wish. I used brown instead of black for the facial features as I think that this looks a bit softer (although my 9 year-old daughter says they're supposed to be brown anyway??? I've got to the stage where my children know more than me.) Then I also accidentally used pink instead of red for the love hearts as I forgot to take the red wool when I went to my sisters, oops, I was in trouble there too. And yes, I agree my grimacing face emoji does look more like the surgeons mask emoji (but I'll pretend it was meant to be like that!)

Laughing Emoji With Tears
Love Emoji with Hearts
Poo Emoji
Cheeky Emoji with Eye and Tongue
Grimace Emoji
Nauseated Emoji

What to do With them...

For those that use emojis regularly, these make great handmade gifts, used in many different ways. They can become cute pocket-sized toys, or can be decoratively displayed on a door handle or hook as a warning for any approaching visitor (great for teenagers!) Alternatively, attach one as a fun purse or bag charm (a finger knitted bow looks great), or sew onto a hairband or headband to make a fun knitted hair accessory.  Nice for the car too, perhaps hung over your rear-view mirror (provided it's not obscuring your view!) And even the nauseated emoji may have a role - either a cheeky idea for a get well soon present, or become a nice little addition to children's doctors kit.

Check back in the updates here next weekend or email me to get the updated patterns straight to you. With a very important person's birthday coming up soon ( husband Sam) I might have a go at a little gifty something - But in case he's reading this, you'll have to wait and see!! (Unfortunately probably not quite enough time to make one for the Queen too, but the thought was there.)

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

P.S. Great to see the daffodils coming up in the garden over the past week - so if you missed that one, you could have a go at a knitted daffodil to blend in with that bunch!

How to Knit An Emoji

Total time 2 Hours 30 Minutes (average) for each Emoji

Made from a two knitted pieces, oversewn and lightly stuffed.

Different colour backgrounds, with some added facial features - these are either stitched on, or knitted as separate pieces to be stitched on.

Take a peek at your messages or google to help choose your desired emoji, or even have a go at your own design and make it up as you go along.

Make Your Own Little Emoji!

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

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