Fangtastic Friends!

Handmade Knitted Bat Knitted Spider Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Creepy Critters
Knitted Spider
Knitted Bat

A Couple of Halloween Accessories!

With the Halloween knitted pumpkins from last week taking around 2 hours 30 minutes each to make, I thought I would try and knit something a little bit quicker. With only one day to go before Halloween, these little knitted critters seemed very fitting - and only took 1 hour 40 minutes each! So if you're a last-minute person or fancy a Halloween activity with the children, you've still got plenty of time to fit one of these in. Get the children to have a go at knitting a leg or a wing, or help design a face; great for own inspiration as well as a fun challenge for them.

Creepy Spider!

Just Hanging Around

These little guys can be made to sit on the side looking pretty (or not!) or can be made to dangle or fly around by adding a finger-knitted loop or long thread sewn into the top. This can also allow them to be attached to bags or be held in the hand when off on the trick-or-treating rounds. Alternatively, let them dangle from a door handle or wriggle down from doorways at unsuspecting guests!

Flying Bat
Ready for Face!

Put Your Own Spin on it...

I found the facial features of these creepy critters the trickiest part. I wanted them to achieve a balance between spooky and friendly so as to fit with Halloween, but also appeal to the kiddies. However, three-year-old Ellie took one look at my bat and told me what she thought...

"I don't like bats, they're a bit scary like trolls, with red eyes..."

Batty Face


Spider Inspiration!

I agree, these little creatures may be a little creepy for some children, but red eyes, extra fangs, or a just a happy smiley spider or happy flappy bat - there are lots of options to personalise them. And apparently 99% of spiders have eight eyes, if you fancy adding them all?! You may wish to also have a change of the overall colour - traditional black, or even red or orange to add a particular twist to them. (I chose dark brown as black is terrible for showing up fluff and dust...)

Handmade Knitted Bat Knitted Spider Basic Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Blind as a Bat

They're breeding!

So if you start with a spooky spider or a batty bat, they are so quick and easy to make, you could end up making a few - experimenting with different faces to make a whole bunch of fangtastic friends. Add a couple of pumpkins and knitted monsters to complete your Halloween collection!

Handmade Knitted Bat Knitted Spider Knited Pumpkin Halloween Collection 2 Fitting in Knitting Children Craft Ideas
Halloween Collection
Knitted Monsters

With bonfire night next on the calendar, a knitted space scene could go well up on the wall. Or check out the updates section of this website to see the newest creations. Contact me to get the updated patterns straight to you. Fitting In Knitting is also on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and so check these out if you fancy little sneaky previews of projects as they evolve.

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

How to Knit A Spider

Total time 1 Hours 40 Minutes

Made from a knitted body piece, eight knitted legs, and two small knitted fangs. All pieces are sewn together with a couple of eyes sewn on to complete the face.

How to Knit A Bat

Total time 1 Hours 40 Minutes

Made from a knitted body piece, two knitted wings, two knitted ear pieces and two small knitted fangs. All pieces are sewn together with a couple of eyes sewn on to complete the face.

Knit Your Own Pumpkin...

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

I aim to have a new pattern up on the website every few weeks (children and their busy schedules permitting!) and I'll let you know as soon as the next one is up and ready to go...

Ahoy there!

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