Bring out the Knitted Bunting!

It's Time for Another Birthday Party!

A lot of my time is taking up to-ing and fro-ing from birthday parties...  The kiddies love them, and I'm not a party-pooper, but with my three children, if it's not one, then it's another of them that has been invited to yet another one. (Or if someone's really got it in for me they'll be invited to two in one weekend.) Fine for the older ones when I can drop off and come back in a couple of hours, but for the two year-old, I guess while I sit and watch her run around and stuff cake, I can fit in some knitting.

But instead of grumbling, I'm getting into the spirit of decorating our house for my husband Sam's birthday. Yes Daddy, I know, 'it's just another day' and yes, the balloons will hang around for ages and get in the way, but the kiddies love an excuse to eat rubbish and go crazy, especially if it's for Daddy. So I'm sure he won't mind just a little bit of bunting, and I promise I won't leave it up for too long...!

But you may be in luck Sam, because with spending so much time doing those flipping knitted faces last week, I thought I'd spend a bit more time with my kiddies this week. (Especially now the sun is beginning to reappear and we can get outdoors a bit more.) So I have done precisely 8 rows of one piece of bunting so far... But it's a start and there's no rush - it's all about doing the things you enjoy; precisely 'fitting in knitting'.

So Sam, the house may indeed be free of trails of bunting, but there's still plenty of time to fit in some this week, so hahaha!

What to do With them...

I'm aiming for maybe five pieces of bunting this week, estimating about an hour a piece (to be confirmed). And I think this would be enough to look nice across the back door.  You can of course go wild and have them strung across multiple rooms and the garden.

String them together with finger-knitted lengths (depending on your time and length of bunting), string, ribbon, or even simple lengths of chunky yarn. Safety is paramount with all these kiddies running about to keep it up high and safe out of their way (my 6 year-old boy, the wild child Charlie, would most certainly end up in A&E...)

Check back in the updates here next weekend or email me to get the updated patterns straight to you. Keeping on the gift theme, with a friend's new baby arrival and a Christening in close proximity - I thought handmade knitted name plaques would be a lovely idea - let's see!

Happy knitting!

Ali 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Ellie, the knitted monsters, knitted emoji's and knitted eggs from previous weeks are now all friends being carried around in a basket. Glad to see them all being played with!

Caitlin's Monster Needs a Wee!
A Few Emojis!
Knitted Eggs

How to Knit Bunting

Total time 1 Hour 10 Minutes for each Triangle

Made from a single knitted pieces, strung together.

Different colour triangles and repeating patterns, maybe even do some stripey ones!

Add a letter to each piece to spell out a name if you fancy (although this makes it less transferrable to other people's parties and celebrations).

Make Your Own Bunting!

Get some ideas, see what you will need and follow the patterns to learn exactly how you can make your own...

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